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The city I am located present moment will be underline BOLD here and in main page, though I may list Bucharest under different escort sites, do no take it for granted, check here before calling. I love to travel, so asking me to visit you anywhere in Romania can be arranged easily! I do not travel abroad, though, because I feel a threat with all the pandemic situation and I do not want to be restrained there in who knows what weird place , so do not ask me to cross the border not even 1 m! I am OUTCALL escort girl for Romania only!

My compulsory fee is transport only, which is doubled from october to may, otherwise date is fun pleasure only! I assure you that curfew will be forever , each year getting stonger! Therefore , I am not treating lightly any rejection when traffic outside is limited! You can have a check with skype, but for sure pics are genuine no doubts! I have vocabulary and fluency in English as well as other languages and know Europe and customs too in practice as well as in theory!

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